Yeah, you. The one in the corner at Starbuck’s nursing a venti latte and surfing the net instead of banging out the next scene of your novel. The one who just knows there’s a story in you clamoring to be told but you don’t know the mechanics of fiction writing and you’re sure those would help. The person with a half-manuscript hiding in your lingerie drawer because you’re ashamed you never found a way to finish it.

The would-be writer. The wanna-be writer. The writer who really is a writer and just wants someone to talk to about the process, someone who understands what it means when you say your main character refuses to do what the plot demands that she do. (I do understand. I had a character who had to be murdered and she just wouldn’t die. So I wrote a “cheating prologue” and let her live as long as she wanted to because the cheating prologue told the reader she was going to get dead eventually, so be patient.

See, you understand what I just said. It makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. Maybe someday it will. If it never does, then you may have to face a hard fact: you do not have a fiction mind.

Hmmmm, should I change the name of this blog to Fiction Mind?